Consulting & Project Services

With over sixty years of combined experience, thousands of acres master planned and millions of square feet constructed, Accordia works in partnership with corporations, communities and other developers.


Accordia assists corporations in actualizing the value of underutilized real property. We can acquire or act as consultants in determining the highest and best use for underutilized or excess property. This may include the planning and acquisition or acting in partnership with the corporation for the development of the property


"Anyone can see what is there. The trick is to have the vision to see what should be there"

Accordia works with communities in the establishment of realistic development goals for blighted/re-development areas. While planners are essential in developing the master plans for these areas, Accordia brings market driven experience to the process as well as an understanding of the communities subjective needs. The goal is projects that can and will get built and not just “pretty pictures” on the wall of the Town Hall


Many development organizations, today, have focused their staffing on the analysis of cash-flowing investment properties. Accordia works in partnership with these groups to facilitate “value-added” plays by using our experience to evaluate, plan and build. This may range from the planning and construction of ground up new buildings, to the construction of building additions, to the complete "gut rehab" of existing facilities. ( see 85 Chestnut Ridge Road, Montvale)


River Front Redevelopment Master Plan – Kearny, NJ

Mixed-Use redevelopment project - Pompton Lakes, NJ

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